Saturday, January 12, 2019

In the Book of Genesis we create

In the Book of Genesis we create

Planets hang with the fixed stars of heaven but when they hang on the trees we are for another universe where the trees grow in the garden. Flowers grow for the trees in heaven for star patterns flower or bloom in colors like in trees on the ground in the garden of God. Planets of worth notice the patterns of the universe like patterns of nature and reflect stars. We reflect stars here on Earth and that is our light, star light by day and night. Stars illuminate themselves and what then? Oh. God illuminates the universe and we reflect his light and glow. Glowing like stars we walk along the earth in a certain way for on a certain pathway we were born. We were born like trees and grow. I imagine like the world tree or cosmic tree we have roots in our heritage and grow into the life we lead. Birds sit on trees like birdlife of the garden of Paradise and oh, do they not donate the seed, they fly with our spirit. Our spirit has a journey through life for God while we are alive. You have to be careful who frequents your garden. Gardens are like the universe and you wonder the garden of Paradise God was referring to in the bible for the universe of the Milky Way is a universe on Earth. Earth is the garden but plants and oh. Plants were formed of a matter of Earth and a substance of God. Birdlife flies on to another Paradise. 

Paradise in the garden of philosophy equals love so, we bless the tree but when the birds donate the seed, oh. The sky flies and then. The wind is a gale but the moon is full and in bloom. Blossom on the trees equals Spring but when there are birds we have to hide our feeling of awe for nature and Mother Nature makes us blossom. Birds of the nest are birds for birdlife in the trees but when they sing, oh and la, la, la, tralala, oh. Birds of a feather are of the feather and. When, we are, we are one and we. Oh, and la and we and are. I am he but not she. We are and we are, Mother, Nature, for the birdlife in the trees but are the matter of the earth and God. Paradisiacal trees in the garden sing with the birds for they are the stars of nature and have. Having a pattern of nature in the stars are and we are one and are. The equation of all life is nature but when it is the Mother, oh. Mother Nature is birdlife in the trees with love for the Lord above and oh. 

In the garden of Paradise there was an island full of birdlife who donated the seed. The tree of love grew and arose from the seed of the birdlife who often migrated to other places in God's divine garden. Humans had not frequented the island but oh the birds were deafening. The equation of all life was for God to donate Adam and Eve in guard of the birdlife who flew off on a regular basis to other islands and places in God's divine garden. The Paradisiacal birdlife were brightly colored and tropical with all number of musical sounds, screeching, perching and musical in sound the birds were magical and not of this world. Other, birdlife existed on the island of Paradise. Paradise is a place where you would imagine all variety of birds to frequent amongst the garden plants and animals but there were no animals in large threat of the birdlife. The spiritual birds flew through the garden of Paradise like angels known to God but were seen by all those who frequented the island, birds, animals and Adam and Eve. The Paradisiacal birdlife donated the seed for the mystical, mysterious, magical birdlife and they flew. The natural birdlife of the island were sometimes scared at night of the mysterious magical birds as they too made a sound. Birds flew scattered seasonally to find food elsewhere and others stayed during the winter months existing on seeds, birds too small to migrate. In the Book of Genesis we create. 

Nicole Page-Smith