Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Holy Spirit is upon us

The Holy Spirit is upon us

Paradise is the tree you sit underneath. Birds fly and try to warn you of the birdlife, ahead. Love donates the seed. The birds sit on the tree. Sitting they sing. Birds are the equation of all life and fly like your spirit flies, almost through you. God is the dove. The Holy Spirit is like the bird connection with our spirit and you hear them at dawn and dusk. The dawn and dusk of the soul is God. Embracing life is like the beginning and the end and the daylight or God's light in between the day. Nightlife is for birds of the night, too. Owls screech with mythical birds screeching like harpies in the wind. Lashing winds whip the trees. The lashing and the blowing gale are like the depth of the soul. Black holes would serve a better purpose with sucking down the universe. Hellhounds in Hell scream up howling hell's growling noises and the abyss is a better home. But, Paradise, oh. Angels are our worth but when they fly, we have to be wary of the darkness. Darkness and the spirit are Paradise. The equation of all life is the depth of the soul. 

Birdlife twitter once, again. The forest is the place for birds and they sit on the trees and fly on through. Birds of Paradise in the stars up above is where once we came from. God in the garden of Paradise is in the stars and all the angels and Christ sit on trees, in Heaven. Our immortality is the soul. We flew and the flying and oh, the birds. Gods enlighten you of dawn and dusk with the birds, singing their song, tweeting, happily, merrily. Often the birds appear to be singing a song unto God, a message not understood by humans. Maybe, the birds ears only need to hear the song but birds chirp away as though not to hear one another. God is the infinite and birds are the song for the stars as if starlight. The tree of love has stars as if branches of patterns of stars in the sky. The angel's sing like birds and are like birds in that they have wings. When, you hear angels, singing, though, your time is up and you are in heaven, above. We are mortal only to be immortal. The equation of all life is the birds and the mirror of the soul. Birds fly off in the wind.

The Holy Spirit is upon us.


Nicole Page-Smith