Sunday, January 20, 2019

We fly with the spirit

We fly with the spirit

Naked, Adam and Eve were to stand in the garden for God. Paradisiacal was the garden. Birds flew through and the tree of love contained divine fruit. The end of their world was the Paradise, Adam and Eve, stood in and serpents whispered in their ears. The tree of knowledge is a snaky idea and curls around and entwines your imagination for health. Healthy thoughts always repel Sin and the redemption is the coming of the Lord. To come with the Lord in the fall of humanity is an idea and to be observant of Sin. Sin is our Lord's understanding of the Paradise the Lord created for us in the realm of unknowing and why did we have to know. Is man naturally destructive or curious? Man is tested by Sin. The unknowing is the Lords way of describing we are mortals in the face of the Lord and not God, not gods. We live with an equation of all life only to Sin in the face of God can we not confront death or eternity and the infinity of the knowing. Our God in the understanding of our knowledge for God is a query. We question the Lord and should not. Are there questions to ask or only answers to know? God will show us how in the divine garden of our knowing, Paradise existed for man in the garden. The garden holds the seed to donate a birdlife of understanding and our thoughts fly off with the trees and wind. Oh, Paradise.

The garden of Paradise is reflected in the heavens, above. Stars reflect the birds and trees. Humans have astrological signs of animals and mystical beasts. We are for we were human on Earth but up with the angels and gods. Material gods interact with the God of the realms of Paradise in Heaven. We are our dead as they carry the spirit of God. The Holy Spirit of God talks of Jesus who walked the Earth and God the Father in heaven with a dove or bird to fly the tree. You could not imagine the sweet birds of the trees flying with you to God are our connection to the God of the heavens but they give you an indication of the spirits journey up skyward to the clouds and fly. Flying birds carry the seed of mythological birdlife of the heavens and fly to the tree of love. The equation of all life is death and one to remember. Jesus died for our Sin. The love that equalled death is the death of Christ and we contemplate the Crucifixion. Immortality is for the gods only and a divine understanding. We live in order to repeat the cycle of life to understand the universe. Perhaps, our mortality is our spirit and our spirit ventures forth with the gods on a journey forward but changes. When, we become one with the Lord we are one with the spirit. Paradise is our reward.

Death is the reward of Jesus for he lived. The mystical equation of the blood of Christ is all life. The tree of love carries Paradisiacal, birdlife. Stars donate the seed along with the dark matter of the universe for we are one with the Lord. We are like birds flown in from Paradise and angels and seraphim sit on the trees with with branches of the blood of Christ's heart. Heart angels take you to Paradise at death. Death is to look forward to at the end our mortal existence and a mortal life takes you to heaven. Angels are our worth and fly. In Paradise, I feel God meant we were angels of God and wanted us to remain forever in his garden. Immortality is the Sin of man for we know mortality and God challenges our death. Death is the earth and our dark matter, the soul. Flowers are our reward for they represent Jesus, his blood and heart shaped flowers. The love of Christ is represented by the red hue of love in nature and we are of his heart, the heart of Jesus. We are of the tree of love. The equation of love is our churchyard interior and like the image of Christ represented in art works, altarpieces and stained glass windows. The light of the window shines through your soul. Love donates the seed for an interior light of Christ. Birds fly through trees like the Holy Spirit of God. We fly with the spirit. 

Nicole Page-Smith