Friday, February 15, 2019

God bless the Earth

Nicole Page-Smith

God Bless the Earth

Trees grow new branches and when they start spouting from your ears leaves
 start to interfere with your mind. Now, Ears grow in trees, too.
But, trees cannot hear. Trees breathe in and out like oxygen.

To walk amongst trees in forest growth, roots seem to get in the way, especially 
if they are attached to your feet. Growing roots and new feet are a way through 
the forest. The forest floor is littered with leaves. Roots entangle your ankles if
you remain in one place for too long.

Gardens of growth are the way forward. Growth is what we have to look forward,

Now, walking through the wooded park gardens with the cats in Rome is a place to find Bernini. Museums taper our way.

Twirling around Bernini you see the prowess. Leaves start falling on your mind. 
Through museums you enter. Leaves grow out your fingernails while roots grow 
from your toes and rooted to the spot you are taken as if Daphne through
Apollo's pursuit.

Not enough coinage for illumination in churches you pray.

Leaves drop on the ground all around you and you walk forward through 
squares across rivers lined with angels and join great throngs of people in
worship on churchyard days honoring Saints. Closed or open are museums on
no tourist brochures nominated days and you join lines of tourists queuing for the 
Vatican. Cameras flashing tourist groups and tour guides flock past until for a 
few moments long book learned sculptures, paintings and Ancients Greeks or 
Romans appear before your eyes on display.

Oh, Bernini you are my god as gods could be as artists on display. Cats walk by as
old cats tend to wander, wandering in another world soon to join another. Street
cats are like street people and wander. Monument after monument is on display
until you almost feel the street is not your friend and exhausted you wander
yourself, onward and rest in coffee shops or on park benches. Everything is so
ancient you feel the Roman Empire from books long since past may raise again
from the Earth and ancient ruins, still occasionally surround you on display.
Walking, walking the leaves blow along the ground and you continue walking.

In Rome, you are reminded of film directors and film stars, old black and white
movies, the taxi rides in with your suitcase, whirling past monuments, tiny cars
and no speed limits implied, Rome and its memories.