Sunday, August 28, 2016

A fragment of Christ

Nicole Page-Smith

A fragment of Christ

Ivory is of the body for it is milky. We are of the Spirit of the horn. Elephants run through your Spirit, in a primal way as the horn and tusks of an elephant grow, to express their age. The twirling and whirling is of the Spirit. Holy Spirits have the strength of an elephant. To get the inner resemblance of the milk of our blood, carving was used as a form of expression. Christ was used to express the Spirit in a similar way and the Spirit rushes through you. An elephant rushing through you is how God wants to approach you with the Spirit. The Crucifixion was clearing our pathway. God took our Spirit to Heaven by the body and this was a Christian view. We rest and lay in the church. An artist's purpose, use to be for the Christian altar and an artist is of the Spirit. The Spirit's vocation is of the church as the place of God is supposed to represent the body. The altar is what we worship. We are forked and pronged that way. Heaven is our body. Our body lives in Heaven at a Christian altar. We lay on the Cross. In a coffin, in the last days, a Cross, is placed on the floor. Heaven is to know where we rest. The sky above reflects our trespass but our nominated worth lay on the ground.

The church reflects our life and often, Christian churches are in the form of the Cross. Often a Saint or their remains are to celebrate our body and the church of rooms of worth. Other Christian fathers can sometimes be buried in a churchyard grave and this sometimes nominates the floor of the church. Our Spirit has to know the way of our brethren. Our body has to know the Earth and do not walk that way. Our Christian body is taken like a vessel to the church. The birth of our children are celebrated, the marriage and the final lay of the Cross, with life's blessing. We are of the body of Christ for the Lord. We reflect Heaven like the interior of a church. The interior light of a church is designed to reflect God. Our body enjoys the life of the Spirit. Flying through Heaven is our egress. We are eaten for the Lord to consume and a Cross, lay, beside our grave. We lead the way of the Spirt.

Our Spirit ascends to Heaven, from our body, when we die. Our body is to be consumed like the life of Jesus. As we ascend to Heaven with the development of our life our body crumbles with the stars. Love is the matter of the heart and like the matter of stardust, is golden, with the light of God. We drift as though cosmic matter through, the Universe, was our home. Our body resembles Jesus in the Spirit of the heart, for Jesus was heart. The heart of the human being, exists, suspended, in the love of God. We view the Saints room and speak of the tongue. The elephant visits our Spirit, primal, in the development and part god in the knowing of our heart. Jesus is the heart we know on the inside, thriving, in the ascension of man. We are in the development. Golden, sunshine, peers through the window. A small fragment of an old, ivory, Crucifix, speaks of the fragility of the heart. The Spirit, in the life of Jesus, is a temple in the church, knowing of God. We sit and listen to our heart murmuring. Our body and Christian ascension to God is a contemplation of the life of Jesus. Here, with the light of God shining through our church window, we become the matter of the heart and my Spirit fly onto Jesus.


Our body is like that of an elephant. We have teeth. We have a nose to smell. Taste is important while hearing and memory are elephantine. We are like the sight of an elephant with aging skin. A sense of balance has our primal animal sense in the knowing of thyself. How do animals anticipate themselves? They know in advance. Human beings like elephants are tusk in the knowing of God, their life is anticipated by age. We sag in the taste as flesh sags with an elephant and the enormous weight of gravity gives us wrinkles. Taste and smell are like honey, sweet and warm to touch. Warmed honey is for the vessel and a cup is offered to the gods. We are not to hear God trespass for this means we are dead. Christ lay dead on the Cross, when, he heard an angel cry. The Cross, was important to the tree. Rings on the husk of an elephant tell of the age like rings in the trunk of a tree. The trunk of an elephant grows like the trunk of a tree. We taste so sweet to God. 

Fragments of Christ have a sweet flavor because they speak of Christ and we are but fragments of the Lord, above. Our heart is of the heart of Jesus. Our body is that of a Saint. We saw the heart of Jesus. The heart of Jesus is in the pinewood. The smell of the sap attracts bees to the honey. Bees were used to cure the pages of the book. We illuminate the way. When, the bible speaks of Jesus, we think of the Devil, for Jesus had a heart, so sweet. The Devil is all too human in a book, especially in the bible. Devils were known to be esteeped in the honey or wax of another name. Why does the bible speak to our hearts about what it is to be human? The bible spoke to our hearts because we were born of the animals. Our primal nature never knew life so sweet and the taste of milk and honey. A heart of the milk is a heart of the honey. Babies are Christian born. Babies of the forest are cupids for the honey. The maiden is a maiden of honour. Our heart would be kept in a jar for sacred service. We are of the brethren of God. A Christian church holds the passage. Obey and serve God. We are of the foot of the Cross, and below high altarpieces, of the seraphim order. We are of a fragment of Christ.