Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It is the matter of the heart

Nicole Page-Smith

It is the matter of the heart

Emancipated, the body lay on the Cross. Had we forgotten God? The body is the matter of the love of God and Christ died for our Sin. Our Spirit goes to God in ascension of the Spirit of God and there is no longer a need for the body. Our bodies were ascended, at birth, to God, for the Spirit to find its way back home, to Heaven. We have the chemistry of God for the Spirit to find water and we ascend like rainclouds, water from the rivers and the oceans, up to the sky. Our bodies walk on water like the Christ figure. Our bodies need nourishment, love and water as a plant needs water. God was ascended and tried to teach us the miracle of the birth of Jesus. We breathe the oxygen of the Spirit and the Spirit vapourizes as we speak the word of God. You can imagine love drifting up with the rainclouds and taking our love, to Heaven in the sky. A Heaven on Earth is supposed to equal all of nature including the human race. Our body lay bare and naked to God's love. 

Naked to the Lord, the body is for all to see. In clothes we are one with the Lord so, God have us, lie down. We are at the foot of the grave, a sign of the Cross. We are above the tomb. Our body lay down for Jesus, Jesus is where he lay and the Lord is our body, the body of Christ. We are the tomb or the grave. Our body lay down and lay down for Jesus. We are Christ, in the grave, for he has ascended. We are of the body of Christ. The tomb is our body, for the tomb lay barren, for an empty, ascension. Our Spirit lay bare. We had ascended at the foot of the Cross where, Mary, lay bare, to the Cross or ascension. Our Spirit is the wind and the trespass. We thresh the hold or are the threshold, for Christ. We are wormwood, for our body is to die. The grave and the wooden husk is our body. A coffin is the grave, for the dead. We are of the churchyard for Christ where ascension service was performed. We are the church and the Father and Holy Ghost, his dove. We were ascended with Mary as with the Holy Spirit where, she lay and God lay down. Mary died for Jesus. The Spirit is our passage and our passage for Jesus and it is graven. The tomb lay bare for our Spirit has already ascended. 

We lay veiled in our body. We eat of the cup. We taste the bread. We are sacred to our body. We are of the cloth and our body is of the bread. When, the Sun and the stars, and the moon, are all in alignment, the cloth blows in the breeze. We are of the tomb of Christ but not dead in ascension. Christ lay down. Our Spirit ascended awhile, ago. The body is no longer with us for we have past through Armageddon and the End of the World took place on ascension, day. We are of the Spirit of Christ, for he is one with the Lord, one Spirit and one body. One, bread, we eat and this is the body, the body of Christ. On the day of the Lord an angel did say. Devils and monsters, the damned and damnation, all rose up, on the day of the dead. The day was near. Ascension colors were noticed. Four angels did appear and took Christ by wing. We are the day of ascension.

Our heart hangs on the Cross in memory of Jesus and our primal instinct is to love God. Our Spirit flies to God in the memory of who we are and we can find a Holy place on Earth we call Heaven. Sometimes Heaven finds us first. Our body is taken to God, by the dove, who flies, in the Heaven, above. Our engagement with the body, to take our love through the heart of Jesus, to God, trespasses the Spirit. Here, the godly entanglement is primal to the point of a heightened emotional state of awareness. The Spirit becomes Divine matter. Particles of Divine matter float up to the sky with every breath. Our love transcends. Our life's involvement with the body includes the triumph of the Spirit over death, the Crucifixion. There is a battle of life over death, to find Heaven. Heaven on high is the love of God and should just pierce your heart, through. We walk through. Our body finds the love of God, spiritually. The tomb has long since been empty. 

We are like a fragment, of the body, of Christ. We carry Christ's blood, Holy particles. Our body is the vehicle of Christ. The gate our heart faces is like the gate of the cemetery. We are waiting for our heart to be ascended. The Spirit faces our physical life and a hollow in our heart. Owls fly around at night as though they take our breath away and are synonymous with the flight of the Spirit. Our body has no material wealth for the Lord, above. When the heart ascends God, we have achieved the golden light. Our body is like the empty tomb. We are ascended for God in our love and the body. Our blood is linked with the Spirit when, the blood stops flowing we die and the Spirit flies on, to God. Particles of Spirit seem to drift up to God during our lifetime, to find Heaven. We disintegrate in the knowing of loving the Lord and it is the matter of the heart.