Thursday, August 4, 2016

Christ was Crucified for Jesus

Nicole Page-Smith

Christ was Crucified for Jesus

We are of the body of Christ and our Spirit knows depth. We face the open sky and our Spirit is blue. Our Spirit knows the Cross. Our heart feels. We face the Spirit in Christ. The depth of our Spirit knows the body, for we are of the body of Christ. Christians know the feet for this is where the heart lay, at the foot of the Cross. We lay our heart at the foot of the Cross, in a Christian way, to be observed by God. We feel the heart of God, in our love for him. Christ is where we lay our heart, in reverence. We are sacred to God in our body, for our body has the depth of the heart. We feel. Our Spirit is Crucified for God. Our Spirit knows egress and is taken to God. There is love we feel in our heart and the love knows no bounds. We are of the body of Christ. Our love travels by ascension and unites with God, there. Angels speak your name, to your heart and bodies know ascension, an elevation of the heart where, the depth of the feeling goes through you. Angels take you to your Spirit. Gods take you to your body and we lay in fear of God, for our heart knows no other love. Love is pure ascension as it speaks of your heart. 

Love speaks of your feet for you are Christ and Christ hung there on the Cross. For three days and nights birds of prey with crows and ravens were made to wheel around with vultures and eagles with birds that anticipate death like owls who feed at night, and swoop and kill. They were staked in the forest, three for the carrion's hill, two criminals and Jesus. Crosses were staked and made of forest wood for Jesus Christ where he lay down in a coffin. Blackfriars were used to remove with pincers the ironwork. Draped and clothed with cloth and tied up, accordingly, Christ lay in his tomb, on the Cross and down in the cave he lay for wild bests to participate with. The Sin was to cover the cave with a rock, the rock of Jesus and mother Mary lay down and died with the knowledge of her son. Satan was not part of the work for we are talking of the Christ figure for Jesus and this is where he lay down and died, died of ascension. Angels were needed to carry the Cross, carry the Cross, for Jesus. White angels were needed for ascension like no other angels of God. Satan pecked their eyes out so they could not see death and the black wings associated with the plague. Our body knows no other disease than love and we do not Sin for Jesus. Ascension candles will be needed at Easter.

Black is the cloth. Christ was covered for the day of mourning. He was blackened from the Sin of Jesus. Christ bore his name and saw it on the Cross. Shrouded was the life of Jesus. Black was where he lay in a blackened tomb for it was dark. Life arose from Jesus in ascension. Christ was born of heavenly angels. Christ was shrouded on the day of death. There was a Sabbath. On the day of the Cross, the sky grew dark as if in ascension. There was to be an eclipse of the moon with the Sun and it grew dark. Night shone brightly on the day of ascension and the moon was covered in shadow. Clouds and storms of the night covered a favoring moon of the worth for Jesus. For Jesus lay down the Cross and was taken, taken to the tomb and buried accordingly. Shrouded by the light of Jesus. The day of the Lord was upon us and it was Judgement Day of the Lord. We lay down for Jesus as he lay down. We eat the bread and we are of the body of Jesus. Christ was Crucified for our Sin, the love of Jesus. Black was black friars day on the day of the Lord. We wore white for we were the Carmelite nuns and sisters, be of mercy. God place a lily on his grave.


We are provided for with Resurrection and lilies on the grave, they pay worth, to symbolize the trumpet. God heard the angels. The darkened day on Earth grew flowers for the death and Resurrection of Christ. Springtime noticed, the spinning for the toil. The fields were laden with lilies, a flower of the Earth. We are fated by God as the spinning of fate provides. The words of God via the heart of Jesus were of the cloth, clothed and to provide. Our body is of the cycle of Spring where, nature provides her bounty. The lilies were cut fresh for his grave. To speak of Resurrection is to involve the knowledge of the Crucifixion and the lily bows her head. Tombs are black for the Crucifixion and then you are arisen from your grave, the tomb lay bare where Jesus lay. Lilies trumpet our worth in the knowledge of the death of Christ. We are ascended to our body and are clothed where Christ lay down and was cloaked with a veiling cloth. Our body is our provision.

There are seven places in the body and correspond to the seven universes. There are seven eyes of the Lord and these are referred to in the bible. There are seven places on the Cross and these are what we refer to. There was a staking in the forest, for stakes were needed. Metal was needed for the name on the Cross. A cross iron was needed to hold the cross bar. Our arms were needed for the iron work and the pincers. Holy nails were for the Cross. Ten inches was needed for the grave. God was needed for an angel and was spread of both arms of the Cross. Our head is not needed for the grave. Nails are not needed for our eyes. The bush of thorns was not the same bush. Tombs are for a hired hand. Black is the day of Crucifixion for the Lord and the day he died. God killed Jesus for Christ and God have mercy on the Lord. The day of ascension is near. It was dark in the forest that day and the darkest day on Earth. Christ was Crucified for Jesus.