Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Earth

Nicole Page-Smith

The Earth

Love transcends our body. We walk through the gate, alone. Our body is a vehicle of expression and matter is all around us. Our primal Spirit takes us to God. Life embroils our Spirit with our body with Holy blood. The Spirit of God is our awakening. The body has departed our sight for we are in view of God. A Holy Spirit is our definition. The primal entanglement is the tree of ivory. The sap of the tree is the sap of Jesus and the honey of the tree. Wild bees to the honey pot are for the maiden. We are of the comb. We brush our hair as we are of the fur. Our body is of the goddess, or the goddess of Jesus. Death and the maiden did not occur in the forest that day for Jesus was of the honey. We are staked in the heart of Jesus. We are of the Cross and Crucified. The honey maiden was of the life of Jesus for she saw his body, the body of Christ, so sweetly. The body of Christ was of the milk, the creamy, sticky, stuff of the Spirit, Spirit honey for Jesus. Milk and honey are of the sap of the tree for they were mistaken. The body of Christ is of the tree for his coffin was made on the day of the death that Judgement Day occurred, the day of the Lord Jesus Christ and our Crucifixion. Our body is of the milk and poured out into the vessel like honey to the wine. Honey and ambrosia are the drink of the gods. Later, we bore wine, to celebrate God on God's day and a Holy day of the calendar. We spilt our blood and it was blood for the honey. God was Crucified on ascension day, for we performed libations. We drank of the wine and God bless.

The body writhed on the Cross, in pain of the Crucifixion, a bloodied ascension and the Holy, nails, were removed, by angels. Three days and nights, the storms of torrent, trespassed. The Spirit lay bare, on the Cross, of ascension. The rain poured down for the Holy Spirit. Tufts of fur were mangled and entwined with hair on the Cross. The fur was removed but bloody with gore. God was with the animals. Thrashing and writhing like Christ, on the Cross, on the day of ascension, our Spirit lays bare, for the body. Our hands were bound (by the hound of an animal) and fur was used in donation. Hands were healed with the wine of ascension, day. Hair and fur were mangled in the wounds of nail and seizure. Christ's name was removed from the Cross and it saw the fishes for the Cross. We ate of the bread, for the body. They ate of the sea but the sea was a long way away. The Black Sea is not fair to trespass. Gone is the ocean for the sea of Jesus and the water is not to be walked on, when it floods. We are flooded with the blood of Christ and the overwhelming of the Christian faith, our Crucifixion. Our Spirit was, blessed, by the rain.


Our primal awareness of our Christian blessing, from birth, matures with our body. However, the Spiritual development with the self is not necessarily related to the body. Maturing with the seven phases of being, our physical senses are alerted to the body with taste, smell, hearing and so forth, and this is our Christian birth. We are of the knowing of Christ in our body for we have hair. Down with the animals, God made us, for we walk in the garden. Our primal development hovers like wings for we are above the Earth. We live above the foot of the Cross, for the stones bore skulls. Skulls were born of our forefathers. We are primal in development like the animals. The Kingdom of Heaven is attainment but we are born of the Cross and live the life of Jesus. We are of the fur of an animal. Husks and horns, tiger born are of our knowing. We lie on a bear rug. We lie close to Jesus. Ascend your risen. Speak of myrrh. Eat sweet fruits and honey, the sweet cakes of ascension.

Our body never tasted so sweet. Christ was of the bees for ascension. Bees fly to their native nests and this is the heart of the matter. The wounds of Christ were placed with ambrosia and this was a sticky, healing, balm. Sticky are the wounds of Christ because they bore blood. We are of the blood of Christ and this is a sticky feeling. The wood of the Cross, was bound with cloth. This wax is replaced for frankincense and a, treacle in the sap. In the church on an altar is where a small altarpiece of Christ, lay, an altarpiece of carved Christ. Sap of the tree is as white as milk and honey for a carver is of the horn. Ivory for development is of the teeth. A tongue for the speech of Christ lay bare. The eye of Christ is used in the Saint's room. Eyes of the stone pierce you through. Yellow eyes are needed. We were given the elephant's skull. The horns of an elephant, fully grown, twirl like your fingernails, if manicuring. The horns of husk of an elephant should never be trimmed. Only those of a Christian development were used for Christ on Christening, day. We are blessed with the memory of Christ like the memory of an elephant.

Elephants never forget. We could never forget Christ because he was Crucified. The barbaric act of the horn is the horn of plenty. Ivory was the trade for milk white is the body of Christ on ascension, day. The flag of ascension was white and blew in the wind to show the direction of the Spirit of Christ. The direction of the wind saw wilderness. The blue of the Earth reflects the sea and the blue of the sky is seen on a clear blue day. White ivory was used on the altar for it turned the colour of honey for the maiden, a sugary sweet ascension for Jesus. We are married in white, on ascension, day, to the altar so, white. We are only married to the church for ascension. God talks about the love of the Lord, steeples were formed, to filter our love, to the Lord and our love travelled upward as though sucked through a funnel. The horn of plenty is Moses. Horns were used to nominate the worth of an elephant, so big. Christ rose in ascension although images of the Lord were a small offering. Small altarpieces, carved in ivory, nominate ascension and speak of the Lord. Our body dressed for the Lord is the church steeple. We live a full life for the church, on Sunday, to praise and nominate the Lord. White is the angel and our body is our Spirit. They lay the tiles of the church. As your angel flies, you find mercy, in God and others, and the Lord. The Spirit finds reward in Heaven while our body trespasses, the Earth.