Sunday, September 4, 2016

In the knowing of Jesus

Nicole Page-Smith

In the knowing of Jesus

We are of the body. We exist below the foot of the Cross, where, Christ was Crucified. The Divine order of angels who took Christ to Heaven, remain above our head. Seraphim and Divine angels of God take you to Heaven when you die. The sculpture of the wooden church allows you to notice the kiss of God and Divine faith by our placement in the church. We remain below the foot of Jesus, on the Cross. We need to know our placement is on the Earth. While the death angel, visits you on your deathbed, Seraphim take your heart, to Jesus. The love of God, floats up with your Spirit, to angels and the Seraphim order take your love to Heaven. God is only interested in the heart of Jesus. Often the heart of a Saint would be placed under the altar or placed in a sacred place in the church. The body is sacred to God and our love is of the heart. Other, organs and remains, of Saintly, orders are also placed in the church to nominate the sacred trespass needed for the heart's communication. We speak of the tongue. Our Spirit's truth has the hide of an elephant. Seraphim are angels, too. 

Our body exists below the foot of the Cross and this is to show our earthly position, next to God. Seraphim angels, take your heart, to God as love and Heaven, are synonymous with one another. The primal element of our body is the Holy Spirit and of a bird's wing. Angels are to visit you at night. To read of the notion of Heaven or feel of the presence of an angel, is your blessing. An illumination of the Spirit can occur during our lifetime. The Chrisitan altar can speak to your heart and so can the contribution of Christian love. The gentle love of the birth of Jesus was immaculate and humble in the knowing of the Lord. Is there a moral in human Sin? Our feet are of the Earth. Love and the heart are as complex as the human being. Our connection to God is by the Holy Spirit and this nominates the primal element of our being. We are down with the animals, down with God and we exist in Christ's garden. Our Christian, pathway, is illuminated, by the stars, at night and maybe we all live in a dream of who we are. An illumination of the Spirit can happen in dreams while angels speak of a different language. We are the language of the angels.

We are of the skull of Jesus and this is our body and we are of the body of Christ. Angels exist in your skull to tell you of the language of God. Few people understand the language of God because the language of God speaks of the heart. Nobody wants to know the truth of God and by the Divine proportion of the chest certain artists from the Middle Ages tried to measure God and perspective as though by a ruler. Measurements were made in an algebraic equation or Divine geometry akin with the Platonic model of humanism and this was also used to measure the base of a church. Hence, the small proportions of Baptismal pulpits from the Middle Ages, onwards. Although, the Ancient Greeks did also come up with a philosophy of a pre Christian model and Hellenistic philosophy was used to make an ideal form. Platonism was commenting as with biblical text on the Divine Platonic model or structures of God and all use the Celestial sphere to circle around your head. Trying to measure the breath of God or the lungs dimension across the chest came later in Renaissance painting and the vanishing point on a horizon line was equated to the centre of a nautilus shell because for many Christians the birth of Venus hits the sea. Angels tell of the language of God and the rest is up to human knowledge to work on atomic theory. We are a Divine circle in the knowing of Christ and that is the measurement of the skull and the golden sections of the pomegranate. We are of the blood of Christ.

We bleed the blood. We are of the body. We have tongue for we speak the word of God. We smell the Earth as the Earth has scent. We have eyes to see as the light of God shines forth. There is also the inner light of God and this shines forth on your skin. We feel the touch of an angel's wing and the wind of God on our face, sometimes a gale force wind and other times a gentle breeze. Our blood is of the Spirit of God. We bleed the blood of Christ. We are of the light of God. Taste can take you to God as taste is of the body and God did not ever taste so sweet. God is of the honey of Nature for God is of the maiden. They used ivory like the tree for the tree was like lime wood. Ivory is like a substance of stone. The relics of Christ are of a bone quality and need to be housed. Holy relics are stored as they shimmer in the daylight. To shimmer with the light is to hold the vessel. Our body is the vessel of Christ. We are like the Holy water of the vessel and a baptismal font, the wellspring of the being. We are the name of the rose and a rose did not ever smell so sweet. Thorns prickle my heart.

 We are of the thorn bush and we are of nature, of the nature of God. The thorn bush is of the rosebush. Entwined in your thought like the love of Jesus crowns your head is the crown of thorns. We are of the stake of the Cross. The Cross, was made of wood. Central to your understanding of what it is to be a human being, the heart holds the centre of the picture plane in humanist paintings from the Renaissance. Humanist philosophy is central to informing you about God. Slightly to the left of thinking or a harmonic composition in the order of God, we are in love with the presence of God. The deliberation of Divine geometry was the Golden Section and a mathematical equation of the harmony of God. The harmony of God can be found in nature and in natural forms. Symmetry occurs in the oxygen we breathe and the rhythms of nature are as regular as our breathing. We have a Cross formation on our face and the eyes are the crossbow, the nose is the wood. Our hair is the thorn bush with our heart being the rose. We are not of a name we are one with God. Our heart hangs on the Cross, slightly to the left of the crossbow. Christ hangs on the Cross, for Christianity and Divine harmony or the knowledge of loving God. Divine harmony, is a Cross, in the knowing of Jesus.