Wednesday, August 10, 2016

God is the matter of the Spirit

Nicole Page-Smith

God is the matter of the Spirit

On the darkened night of the Cross, in the forest, the Cross lay bare as Christ has been Crucified. The darkened forest night, lit by the moon, with owls flying through, was of a church service for God. You could imagine the church altar at night. The Cross, lay bare, in the forest, a wooden Cross as though inside the church and later houses of worship housed the wood, a tree in the knowing. The church was protected from the forest but the woods are not protected from Satan. Snakes are frequent in the forest. Do not enter the forest and send in the forest workers. You are an organ for the forest where, the music is made. Trees tower like the cathedral and the Cross, on the altar, may sing. The church by night has the moon and starlight flow through the windowpanes. Church windows, by day, give you a spiritual feeling when, through blue glass, light shines and leaves a reflection. Do not let the Devil knock at your window. There could be owls and bats around the church, by night. Church graveyards have the spirits travel, through. Sacred at night, is the Devil, to the trespasser. Go to church on Sunday. As woodworm gnaw at the Cross at the altar, Jesus becomes a Saint and God bless the Virgin Mary, we are blessed by the window pane. The light continues to filter through you churchyard.

On the clear, lit, night, you can see the church steeple, in the moonlight. Our body of worth is the church and God shines down on us. We are jeweled and our bodies resinate, we glisten like the due on a frosty dawn. The church is our pinnacle of achievement. Jesus Christ was our name for Christ. Spiritually we elevate in thinking to a point of ascension known to man, our heart soars up through our inner cathedral. Flying buttresses connect the sides of the church to your heart's lining, our spiritual body. Painted with murals and altar paintings as with the inside of a church, our inner Spirit transcends the message of God, and glows there. We have an inner Spirit known to God and this shines like ivory or cool, white, marble. As we are blown around like a storm on a windy night, spiritually, to realize attainment, we realize God and step outside the church. Do not step out of your heart on a windy night. The Spirit of Jesus was taken to God via the heart. The Holy Spirit knows thee and God flies forth.

We are of the body as the body, is known, to Jesus. We are clothed for we are of the cloth. The cloth was bound. We are of the Cross, for Jesus and the Cross lay bare, in the forest. We see the Cross, of the light of Jesus. The cloth is of the book. The cloth, covered, book is reminiscent of the shroud, the shroud of virtue for the book. Christ was ascended in the human being and the angels took his body, the angels took the body of Jesus, from the Cross. Cloth covered Jesus and shrouded in the cloth of Jesus is how we lead our life. We are all of the heart of Jesus and the body of God. We are nailed to a tree. We are clothed for we are rounded, rounded like the foot of the Cross. Cloth is our clothes for this means the book. Our name is written on the cloth that shrouded Jesus. The body of Christ left an imprint on the shroud. The book of Jesus is a known book. Our body. Cloth covered Jesus to cover his name, the name of Jesus Christ. We breathe with the love of Christ in our lungs. Nature contains the God you are looking for. In oxygen we breathe the Spirit of God, the matter of the Spirit. 

There is a chemical matter of the Spirit and the equation equals Christ's blood. We are all of the Lamb of Christ. There were libations. The vessel is the Holy vessel of Christ. Holy nails signify the significance of the body of Christ and the body of Jesus is the vessel, the Spirit. The body. The vessel. The Spirit. The matter of the Spirit is blood. The heart of Jesus contains our heart for Jesus is love. Our Holy Spirit contains matter, the Spirits connection with God. The dove is Divine. Our body is contained as a vessel is contained for Christ. Divine chemistry is needed for the Spirit to find Heaven. We are all intrinsically linked with our primal Spirit. Human beings are aware of God from birth and this is by the Spirit. One connection with other human beings takes us to matters of the heart, the flagellation of Christ. Christ loved the people because he loved God so, sacrificed himself for the people. Christ gave his body willing to the Cross, a libation. An ascension service of Christ was donated in the sermon known in the bible. The fishes and loaves are the bread. We are of the body of Christ because we sacrifice our love.  

We hang on the Cross, for Christ. Our love is sacrificed for God and we are of the body of Christ. We are of the bread. We are of the wind for the cloth of the Spirit and thunder and lightening reigned that day. Our flesh is torn from the Cross, with passing ravens of carrion Cross and vulture meat. Our Spirt is torn like the cloth. We see Jesus, on the Cross like an old museum or church altar piece where, real cloth has decayed over years of time, on display and when, carved into marble, we notice the cloth is to cover the body. The body lay bare in the ground and naked to the tomb but, for a cloth to cover. Nature is of the tree, another, cloth bound book. When, a Cross is placed in the landscape, a connection between Heaven and Earth, our religion is to embrace the sky and when, a religious icon, of the Lord, is placed on an altar, we are faced by the cloth, our naked embrace. Nature and the Spirit are the matter of God, pure Spirit, conjoined. Sky and the heavens allow us to breathe. God is the matter of the Spirit.