Friday, April 29, 2016

Saints were sent there, to notice, a vision in the sky

Saints were sent there, to notice, a vision in the sky

by Nicole Page-Smith

And then, there were trees in the forest. Her Divinity was known. The garden called her by name and she was one with the trees and, the roots of the Earth, in the garden. She was grown. Her name was Daphne for she was Venus. The love of the forest bore her worth for she was the Nymph goddess. Trees are in love with the forest but do not tell the snake. Knowing trees, oh love, oh forest, oh. Trees do know their worth in the Earth of God as God told them so. And creatures were there in the forest that night. Minerva was called for the Vices to flee and do not travel light. As the world travelled around and we walked through her forest, God held our hand. Daphne, tell me, where you are going so, swift of foot. Whose pursuit do you earn? Try another of the huntress maid, for Dianna is already wed of the moon, by night. Apollo was in hot pursuit that wedded night of bliss. Her nature was not of the tree, wedded braid. Daphne was true Mother Nature's bride and her nature was not to wed. We are of nature, Mother, bride. Her realm was not human and Daphne was of the plant. Leaves befall her.

All around there was peace in the forest. The trees were pillars of strength like prehistoric architecture and archaic temples of another name. Gods frequented the forest and assumed hybrid forms. Plants where of the leaf. All the creatures were of the tree. Insects assumed another breed than previously discovered so, butterflies were as big as humans and sometimes bore a human face or human legs and other such limbs. Pans lived there, in the forest, too, but they were hidden from view. The silence of the forest was observed by night where, only a few screech owls could be heard. Other night creatures occasionally foraged for food but were quiet and well aware not to be noticed. The Divine realm of the gods was only noticed by other gods and humans seldom entered. Gods lived there in peace and tranquility with the other creatures of the forest. Plants asked you by name.

In the garden of imaginings, the Saint walks on. Sphinxes lived there with other flying creatures. The Pegasus and the Chimera were like something from a dream. Monsters, gods and creatures, often related, came into being and not often do gods enter the human realm even in dream. As Saint Mary Magdalene entered her garden, Sirens flew past. Harpies and Sibyls were also noticed with howling gales brought in by storm winds. An imagined time brought on by the forces of nature in the Spirit have a mirage of your own internal turmoil brought forth by God and the Devil. Gods, deities and creatures not from this realm are there to advise you. God's turmoil with the Saint exorcises the Devil and demons from the deep recesses of the abyss of human emotion, are given an exit route. To find God is to find yourself and God places a Saint on God's pathway. Gardens live in the stars and we are their reflection. The oasis of a garden of life takes you to the wilderness for contemplation and there you rest awhile. The storms and the wind blow on though you. Love knows no other home other than the contemplation of the Spirit. A Spirit's life is to drift with the wind and Saints are to find, the Spirit of God, in the wind. The Spirit of Saint Mary Magdalene walks on through and God took her to the wilderness to find his love.

Saints were often known to have dreams placed in their minds by God or visions of the Devil and the Evil to contemplate trespass. Monster and hybrid forms were quite often thought to be from the Divine realm but in early Christian mythology both mixed. So, Chthonic gods sometimes known as demons interbred with Earth gods. Other gods also assumed human form like in Ancient Greece with Zeus and Hera or Apollo, the winged messenger. Indications of the Devil in a book came in the form of illustrations of an early account of medicine where quite often the Devil was associated with bad breath or the more visual diseases allowed to fester without medication. Early paintings on the subject of Saints and an interpretation of the Devil allowed visual artists the medium of a similar notation, presumably often in accordance to their doctrine or religion. Many other religions trespass a need for animal gods all too human. Festivals of harvest are often the celebration where an animal mask or headdress in donned. Festivals, food related nonetheless. Blessing ceremonies are interpreted and reinterpreted until beasts become friendly but the dream was to inform God. Visionaries, Saints and oracle workers were of a similar nature, their message had to be reinterpreted. Little did people not Divine the oracle, they were the oracle to Divine. We all know the Devil.

The eyes of God are upon us, said the Devil. Monsters and Devils are alike, snaky, one eyed and crossed they ride the whale. Bounded by their creature like appearance, jealousy drove them on. Once beauties turned god. Often creatures sung the muses to a seaside grave. Ships were of the night. Spirits fly on. We hear a whaling when we are gone it is a whinnying call. The Siren sent her call. The eyes of Saint Mary Magdalene were but of seven but she saw three creatures of a monsterly proportion in the wilderness, her pathway was near. They engaged with her but only a wise saw forth and advised her. We trespass in knowing the life of a Saint. Gods and monsters were jealous of her as of each other, for hideous proportions, turned ugly, a monstrous breath. Sin is to be retrieved in the wilderness. Universes past her and the monsters rode the whale. Stars were noticed for gods, the creatures turned Divine and now in the sky for view. Saints went sent there, to notice, a vision of the sky.