Friday, April 15, 2016

Stars guide you

Stars guide you

by Nicole Page-Smith

Human beings are born mortal and the immortal nature of the Divine realm of God is our temptation. Earth is our pleasure and Sacred is our love for God. The saintly path of a Saint is their garden path. The star path of a Saint is the human being. Saint Mary Magdalene was the Saint rewarded for her penitents and the skull was her reward. We die for the love of God and we die for the skull. A contemplation of the penitents of Christ is our human reward in the garden of death. Christ died for the Sin of man. The Saint's life is for a Christian pathway to follow. Saint Mary Magdalene stood alone in the garden of Christ. God was needed in the garden for death is found in the garden of love.

To contemplate the Crucifixion is to refer to the heart. Saint Mary Magdalene walked in her garden of love. Christ lived in the garden and the Cross, is what we bear, for his Sin. Christ, in the garden of love, is what we live for, for the love of others. Gods will take you there, to the garden of love and God lives there, in the garden of your heart. The Spirit of God is the virtue in the garden. Death is our only vice for death lives in the garden. The gods are there to guide our pathway and dance for the love of Spring. We are, graced, by God and our spiritual love, to take us to a contemplation of death, is the love of the Lord. All nature is our reward and when you look at nature to drift your mind as far as it can reach before it departs consciousness and matter drifts like stardust to the stars or the residue on our breath vaporizes, you have reached God and the Spirit. Gods take you there, too, on a journey through your mind, to the heart's garden, where, we are blessed to love and our Spirit is blessed to die.

Birds fly through the garden like gods on a mission of love. The Spirit of the wind takes your breath away. Spring gods, spring up like flowers in full bloom. The garden comes alive and trees talk to the field mice while forest birds call their name. Flora is the Pan of thought and Zephyr is her aid, Jupiter for the flowers, and Venus for her, too. Pans and Fauns appear like butterflies, and Fauna was her name. The goddess and the gods are maiden alike. Hercules makes his appearance for his bride. Green and the trees are for the Season, Mother Earth, observes. Nothing is too golden for the heavenly maid. We cheer and love to cheer for Spring and the gods do tell. For gods of love and springs of another name, the fertile goddess, appears. Flowers appear all around Flora and Fauna, for Venus to notice and trees tell her another name. God bless the Spring Season.

We bless the Saint and on, Saint Mary Magdalene, walked through her contemplation. The Crucifixion and Christianity were born of the new year of Christ, thou be his name. Every two hundred years, the idea is addressed. We are reminded of the Saints in the stars and this vision is our Christian pathway, the way of the Saints. Virtue can be found in the garden. The garden of Christ is similar to the garden of Saint Mary Magdalene, both were in penitents for their suffering so, one had to contemplate the other. Agony in the garden is a recent interpretation or the life of Jesus, in the garden, in the New Testament. We are tortured by his heart, the heart of, Jesus, a heart that knew no Sin and Saint Mary Magdalene appears to be tormented by the life of her companion, Christ, whose heart only knew love, the love of God. Christ's life was one of suffering. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the pathway and although, the Crucifixion, of Christ, would have pierced the Saint's heart, through, Saint Mary Magdalene's penance was death, death in the garden of Christ. The pathway of the Saint was set.

Death in the garden is the pathway we trespass, our penance for loving Christ and being Christian human beings. The love of Christ is the deep understanding of the love of God, in a Christian way and embraces our heart. In the garden, where the Saint would find her pathway, the heart would be taken to a mystical union with God. Stars light up the pathway to a Saint. Saint Mary Magdalene needed to consider the love of Christ to take her heart to him. Angels hold the heart of Christ, in Heaven. We walk through the garden in the pain of knowing of the suffering of the heart in love with God. The Spirit is taken to love in the garden. When, night equals day and starlight is all you see in the garden, the birds, help, elevate your heart with flight like angels. The light of the Sun is resplendent and the sound of the birds, talks to your Spirit. God is the angel of love in the heart and your direct access to Heaven. A journey your pathway is on takes you to the garden and stars guide you.