Friday, April 8, 2016

The Spirit of God is amongst us

The Spirit of God is amongst us

by Nicole Page-Smith

The Saint walks on. Saint Mary Magdalene walks her pathway and this is the pathway of a Saint. The Saint Mary Magdalene observed the skull and her penitents. To contemplate death is to find the garden and the garden is death. For a Saint the garden of the heart is God and traditionally this equalled the church. The church is the house of the Lord and to find God is to find your self but for God and for a Saint, to find the church, is to find death. We find God on a Christian altar and this nominates the Crucifixion, and the death of Jesus Christ, he died for our Sins. We find death at the side altar as this place nominates Mary. We find death is Christian sermon as you are blessed. We walk the pathway of a Saint. God sent Saint Mary Magdalene out to the wilderness to contemplate her own death and for some Christians this would mean the confinement of a penitent's cell. Humble cloth is contemplation. 

We have identified with our spiritual self in the garden with the gods from the beginning of a recorded history. In early cave paintings, animal gods were drawn on the cave walls as a reflection of what was sacred to the human beings, who lived in a particular region, often suggesting the food eaten in the local area. Other identification with the Seasons and the gods who blessed the food, the grain or the earth and the Season often required an animal/human appearance with symbols from the celestial sphere especially for the Ancient Egyptians. Sacred gods with a shared hybrid celestial view are popular to other religions from Hindu to Buddhism and ancient primitive cultures. The sacred Christian garden is trespassed by the gods of the heart for all humans appear to continually share a need to celebrate the Earth. We dance the life. At the beginning of time there was creation.

God came out of the mountain to create the Earth. A garden was created for creation. The garden of earthly delights still lives in our hearts as gods and humans lived peacefully together, there. Gods took our hearts to Universes and planets of love while the stars noticed who we were in the cosmos. The garden of creation was idyllic for love and human beings were created there, to enjoy God's heart. The garden is created every Spring, by God, the gods and faithful gardeners. We notice plants and the Seasons while the birds communicate, God in the garden. Gods speak of the Vice and Virtue of the garden path of being a human being while trees branch out through you heart. The tree of life is the tree of Virtue and divinely formed creatures live in the garden, gods tell you this, in your heart. The matter of the heart is for gods to tell and we separate the two. In the garden of creation, God was made.

Saints walked through and God wanted to reproduce himself in the earthly form of human love. Spiritual love is obtainable in Christianity. Divine beings live in your garden and angels fly with your heart to the love of God. Gods speak of your heart and take your Spirit through the passage of death, the passage of time related to our life reflects on the history of our beginning and origins. We slowly crumble to the matter of the essentials and then, crumble to dust. Our cosmic relationship to the planet assumes the stars. Everything is evolving and revolving with the cycles of the Universe and we relate this to the garden to be noticed with the Seasons. Divine gods have always represented our heart, passions and love of earthly matters. The matter of the heart is Divine and that is why God is involved. God does include your heart and love in the garden is love in the garden of creationism. Gods mainly represent the passage through death and our spiritual life. Love in the garden is the love of your heart.

The passage of Saint Mary Magdalene was through death and her first witness was the Crucifixion of Christ, the next was the witness of the Lord and contemplation to follow was penitents or the witness of her own death by witnessing the self. A contemplation of love in the garden is the witness of a Saint. God died in the garden for our love and his vain was the Lord Jesus Christ as Christ was Crucified in the garden of Christ. Christ died for our Sin and God died for our love. The Spirit of the Lord, then, sent, Saint Mary Magdalene, into contemplation, the penitents of the skull. The Spirit of God is amongst us. God died for our love and then, Saint Mary Magdalene entered her garden. The garden was Saint Mary Magdalene's heart and here lived Christian virtue. Gods represent our vice, the human element of the heart. Death is our only vice.