Friday, May 6, 2016

Life is the journey of the Spirit

Life is the journey of the Spirit

by Nicole Page-Smith

Monsters seem to befall us and as the celestial images projected in the sky, by God, appear to reflect our inner being, the world continues to spin on its axis. Gods also represent who we are and the planets seem to have an influence, too. God walks on with his message in the sky. The dream of the Saints and a vision of demons, monsters and gods walk through your forest and make themselves known to you, in your heart, they no longer are imagined or surreal. Trees representing gods, God and the Devil, talk to you, through the rustle of leaves in the wind, the birds sing of love and the tree Spirits live, there, too. Other creatures, scurry on by like thought patterns and fleeting feelings, through your heart. Do we speak a common language with other creatures and animals? Snakes, lizards and spiders, do not speak of the Devil but glisten in the Sun as though a god put them there. Gods speak of the planets and our trespass in their Divine world. Would a Saint be present in the forest as a place of refuge in their Divine imaginings? We continue to dream.

We are taken to the path for walking. Saint Mary Magdalene needed to contemplate death. Stars enlighten your vision and we take our Spirit along its pathway. There is light everywhere and the stars reflect your dream. The light is resplendent and the vision has Divine purpose. We walk with her, Saint Mary Magdalene as with other Saints, on a Divine pathway, to God. Our Spirit contemplates death and then, is shown the garden of virtue and vice of another name. In Spring there are flowers in Heaven and we see them by day. When walking through the wilderness, light takes you to God. The feeling of the wilderness in your heart is a raw one but light is the guiding path and an eternal flame of love keeps your Spirit alive. We walk a different pathway to a Saint and the garden road. Love is all the heart knows and that is God. Gods of virtue and vice share a different view. Snakes live in trees but God lives in your branches. Our vision of light is translucent.

There is a transparent wind and that is the Spirit of God. We are of the Holy but so was Saint Mary Magdalene. The Holy Ghost talked to the Holy Spirit and said Amen. God talked to the Father and said Lord. Mary spoke to her baby and said Jesus. Saints talk to each other and agree. Saint Mary Magdalene talked to the skull. Death is the contemplation of the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is upon us. The wind is the nature of the Lord and Saint Mary Magdalene was sent to the wilderness to contemplate the Spirit, the Spirit of the wind is upon us. The skull is representative of the Spirit or death. The wind is the Spirit we know. The wilderness was the grass her feet trespass where, she lay, her Soul found redress and the Saint was taken to Heaven. Do not walk on the grass where, I lay, for seed is Earth. Holy Spirit is upon thee. The Christian life of the Saints found their pathway along the grass as it was of seed and the fertile plains of Jesus took him to where, he lay. A contemplation of the Crucifixion is of the Holy. Saint Mary Magdalene was the representative of God for Jesus where, she lay. 

In the garden where Saints live, God walks. Saints Mary Magdalene took herself to the garden. The garden of Christ is a painful place to contemplate the skull or death and the Divine miracle of Christ, so God took Saint Mary Magdalene to the wilderness. If you believe the Spirit to be the mind then, this is contemplation. In the penitent's cell where, often Saint Mary Magdalene is represented in contemplation, this is a life. The contemplation of death is the trespass of the Spirit, where, love is the trespass of God. God took the Saint to the wilderness of the Spirit. The barren life of death is for the love of God as with the word. God is the Spirit. The garden of Saint Mary Magdalene would have been the candle as this is the Spirit of life. The skull is the Spirit of death for we are God. Walking through the garden is our wilderness for we are Spirit and Saint Mary Magdalene walked forward. Death is the contemplation of life.

In the garden, there is life and death is the contemplation because the Spirit lives, there. A virtuous heart is a garden of virtue but vice holds the snake. Death and a contemplation of the Crucifixion, took Saint Mary Magdalene to the Spirit. Divine gods reflect the garden. At night, our pattern is the stars we see in the night sky. A vision of the stars is a reflection of the Spirit. God holds our flame, the eternal flame of life. The pathway of the Saint is the garden path, for the love of God. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the pathway of God. The pathway through the wilderness is of the Spirit but to find God's love is the breath. A garden of the Spirit blows through and as though wind can tear at nature and the Spirit, alike, the Spirit blows through you and this is your life. Life is the journey of the Spirit.