Thursday, April 21, 2016

Stars follow us all the way to Heaven

Stars follow us all the way to Heaven

by Nicole Page-Smith

Saint Mary Magdalene walked the line, a blessed ascension to God. When Saints are taken  to God they are taken to Heaven and a visionary path of the stars. No longer does God endure the Saint with earthly concerns. The Christian love is severe and quite often occurs after a Saint is made to confront human Evil. God takes a Saint to the garden of their heart and shuts the garden gate, quietly, behind them, for no further trespass of human Evil and the snake has to find another home. Sin knows no place with Evil. Love knows no place with a Saint in the garden of Heaven, for God is love for a Saint. The Saint is taken to the garden of love, for God is love. Saints only know the love of God. God bless Saint Mary Magdalene.

The pathway of the Saint is a blessing of the Earth, they tread. Knowledge of the Earth is a blessing, too. They know no knowledge for they are wed. Saints are married to the church, to God and to themselves. Marriage is high up in Heaven, for a Saint, for they are wed. To be married to the heavens is a blessings and the stars from the heavenly abode is all a Saint would know in their heart. Saints only see the stars. When you are taken to God and anointed, you are blessed. Stars light your pathway, in Heaven, for we are Heaven, in the stars. You are given your pathway at birth but traditionally a Saint would know no Heaven for a Saint is Heaven and Heaven for the blessed. The ring of stars on a Saints head do guide the way like a torch light in the dark and we are blessed in the darkness to find light, the light of God. God prevail. 

In the garden of God there is light, the pale blue light of Heaven and God allows us to see it daily, the light of the sky but few people notice. You mention the clouds exist in the sky and few people are illuminated. Clouds pass over us every day and leave a shadow. Did you notice the sky, today? The pale blue light, of God in the garden, is the subtle light you may notice the plants to shine under. Animals, gods and creatures alike do have their special places in the garden or the light of God and you notice a pet cat in the garden in the late Sun of the afternoon. Human beings are quite often aroused at dawn. As the Earth spins on the axis and night is taken over by day, the Earth glows in the rising dawn and after sunrise with Mother Nature showing us her presence, the gentle light of God, seeps into your garden. We show her our face.

The pathway of a Saint is a treacherous one. Saint Mary Magdalene was taken to the garden of Heaven. We see the garden of virtue and vice as blessed by God but our heart knows little else other than virtue. God tempts us with vice for we are all too human. The Devil lives in your garden and is a tree, and a snake. Gods describe the vices in your heart but every vice has a virtue to withhold. The Saint walks on and past and, through you. We are taken to a contemplation of the stars lighting up a heavenly garden as though all that is nature has a different purpose for the gods and a Divine purpose for God. The Spirit is taken to the garden as though a heavenly death has blessed you. Trees are reflected there with the flowers and the bird's wing. The stars are reflected in a pathway in your heart. To be taken to the garden of your heart, God has you walk there and it is a trodden path. You follow your star path like a predestined roadmap. We are cloaked where we are clothed.

In the garden of Heaven we are clothed in stars for we are stars for God in his garden. Stars shine where our pathway lay. We see a pathway to God as God provides a pathway to Heaven. The vision of God is upon us in Heaven, he is our guiding light, for he saw Heaven. Saints walk the line and a pathway is set for them with the vision of God. The vision of God was Heaven for he saw and he saw the light was his light in Heaven. God is Heaven. The light of the pathway seen is the beautiful trespass of God. He saw the stars and the star path followed on. Stars are bathed in our light for we are the light of God. The star path is euphoric for we saw the stars all around us in Heaven. Heaven is the pathway you walk on for it is the pathway of the stars. Saints walk that way and we follow their lead. Stars follow us all the way to Heaven.