Wednesday, January 28, 2015


When we see stars on the ground they lead we follow. The order they represent shows us the way forwards and our pathway is set. A nominated way is the way of Christ. When Christ died, there was a nominated star pattern in the sky and this only happens every two thousand years of Christian order, the first was when we were born. God had us born of a Christian order unto him and on a nominated pathway but when Christ laid the garden was when we were born. Human beings came into this Christian order on a nominated pathway and Christ laid the way. When the Creation of the world occurred, God had a plan and born of a certain order on a certain day and God repeats this order every two thousand years to repeat his order, the order of Christ is the order of one, one is the Lord above and two said to God, we love you, on the third day Christ was born, born of the cross to follow God. One plus one equals God.