Thursday, January 22, 2015


The earth we walk on is Hell and takes us back to ashes. How ancient the earth must be that we walk on. Stars govern our path as you see them reflected in remnants of rocks, minerals and old fossils. The starlight on the ground is everywhere reflecting God both day and night. God tells us our pathway. We communicate via the stars for God to see our name and our guiding star informs the spirit. The spirit of God is the spirit of love. The sacred act of love takes our spiritual order to a pattern in the sky and God reflects this on the ground. Dark earth is the dark matter God needs us to concentrate on. We walk our love and our pathway follows. Places close to the heart are places close to God and we look for our ancestors there. God takes us to our spirit's home, so, we can take our spirit to death. Heaven is the pathway that God has to follow. Love is the pathway that God forbade. Ashes are the sign for love and this is too close to death. Heaven trod the pathway and God guides the star, our heart.