Friday, January 23, 2015


The heart is our highway our life is our grave. Dark matter is our life. Other planets are going to form given all the stellular activity on view from Earth. We see stellular activity radiating various colours like the colours of the rainbow with Gods Divine view meaning planet formation will not be far away. The formation of the universe must have been a sight to behold. The stars we see from Earth would not be visible from other planets as they are closer to Earth. Dark earth reflects the sky and hence, why we see the stars at night. Night reflects the sky and we reflect the earth. Our heart is the sky and we are the sea. Little by little we are illuminated by history and information passed. The collective whole equals our brain or how we conceptualize God's information. If the information hurts our hearts, we block this information and deny the self. Denying the self does not help God but your heart has to be ready for God. How long does it take your brain to conceptualize a new idea? Usually, half an hour under the right circumstances or anything up to twenty years if the heart puts a block to a new concept. Ask God to heal the hurting or enlighten you a different way. We do hold all the information we need to know right there in the palm of our hand or look at the ground.