Saturday, January 17, 2015


Dark matter shines for the blessed and is dull for the rest. This rich fertile matter is full of star light and like stars, if you were ever given the opportunity to view them at close range would appear like lumps of rock like the rock clusters we have on Earth. These rock clusters would be seen from out there in infinite space to reflect light, also. Dark matter contains stardust from past meteorites. Rocks contain all the minerals of Earth, hence, why they are rocks and why some would shine more than others. Dark matter is in part, old rocks or old stars that have crumbled to dust. Rocks do have a life span and then they crumble and in zero gravity, out in infinite space they explode. Earth is cooled down by the water table and oxygen. On Earth, we also have geological disturbances and a smaller variety of what happens in zero gravity with volcanos. An explosion happens, underground, where there is also zero gravity and below the water table, old rocks expire. As strange as it may appear, zero gravity does not require oxygen and it is like what happens deep within the Earth, in infinite space. Dark matter is the finite matter as a result of this.