Sunday, January 25, 2015


God lights the pathway, we see the way because we all carry the end of time around with us in every cell. We take our love to Heaven via the heavenly light within for God needs us to learn love in our hearts. The stars are all around and you see them reflecting the trees. Everywhere there is starlight and God blesses the way to Heaven and if you are born in Heaven you are blessed by angels. At the end of the world all the angels, God and the gods have to lead you by the hand. God put us on the Earth to experience love to take us to the end of time. We have to reach an infinite awareness for transgression. Be aware of your spiritual forefathers for you have to show them egression. Time takes you, by every second, to the end of an awareness of infinity and there the infinite takes over time. We almost have to reduce ourselves back to zero to conceptualize tomorrow and the finite awareness of the soul by God. Time is the element of our life and love is the key.