Monday, January 12, 2015


So, what is the reverse of matter? Substance. And what is the opposite of dark matter? Indifference. What is the substance of indifference? The void. When we contemplate infinite space, for example, what exists around the star clusters and the planets, we think of zero gravity equalling the void. The equation of dark matter floats around out there in the void, too. The fertile product of dark matter is organic life with the reverse substance being indifferent to the void. We are the splitting of the atom and that is why we exist at all. When God splits the atom we create a baby with human beings in mind but when God splits the atom in infinite space we also create ourselves, for example, with the Big Bang theory. This is for God to experiment with only, otherwise we would kill ourselves as we are not the intelligence of God, we are part of God but are not ever to trespass his Divine knowledge without permission otherwise we may as well press the "self destruct" button on ourselves and God takes us to the Devil. Therefore, dark matter has to remain as the equation of all life.