Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When we think of the smallest creatures on Earth and their mission for God, this takes us to a sacred place, the anthill. Anthills above the ground tower towards the sky and in several cultures the ant is a sacred creature. If you leave sugary offerings outside your house for the ants, God praises you. Other cultures find the ant so sacred that pathways are swept for sacred people to walk along in fear of them stepping on an ant. The little sacred creatures have a very Divine purpose for God on Earth, mainly to clear his pathway of all debris. Ants are part of the decomposer type of small creature for God and you feel, as with other decomposers, at the end of time, they will be the only little creatures left. At the end of time, if we have not found the love of God, we will not survive. Like the ant, we will have to take our understanding up the anthill, skywards, to survive God's understanding. Time is of the essence and love takes us there. Ants work in harmony for God and have very ordered societies. Anthills are incredible constructions being like temples in the wind. We are ordered this way for God, too, for God gives us a sense of order. Patterns on the ground give us our sacred order.