Thursday, January 15, 2015


When God takes us to white heat we are taken to Heaven by the exit route or death. So, why is God insistent that we experience love in our hearts? For the reason, God is love. And why is the opposite of dark matter, white heat? For the reason, death is the opposite of life. With this in view, why is dark matter life and death? For the reason, dark matter is God. Why do people imagine Heaven to be white and full of seraphim angels in the highest order unto God? For the reason, God likes us to imagine. Is Heaven white heat for most people? You would have to ask God. Dark matter is the material of the Earth of our pathway. Our heart takes us to ashes and God leads the way. Love takes us to God, dark matter takes us to life and white heat takes us to death. But, these are all God or of the same material, for the reason of dark matter. When angels visit your home, you are not necessarily dead because the angel of death is the angel of mercy but the angel of love is God, for the reason, the angel of life is you and where your heart takes you.