Friday, January 16, 2015


The dark pool of philosophy takes you to the darkest thoughts about God. God is both Heaven and Hell, good and Evil, love and hate, life and death, dark matter and white heat. Darkness by all the negative elements of the human being takes you to the dark matter of Hell. The ashes of dark matter take you to Heaven. When we contemplate the darkest part of our soul, we contemplate death. The darkest part of the bottomless pit echoes a chorus like a Divine reflection of the self and in this place we experience the beatific vision of God. Dark matter is all life but also is all time, so, we carry the end of time like we carry the end of our life or our death around with us. In the darkest part of our heart is the Divine room of God, the dark matter of the soul and the fertile matter of love but when we are Evil, this place becomes Hell. When our face reflects God in the mirror of our soul, we have found God's love and the refraction is dark matter. Down in this darkened room we also find everything God has to turn to the reverse when we cannot find God's love. Darkness is dark matter, darkness is love, darkness is death and darkness takes you to the deepest part of yourself. This deep inner reflection is the only way God sees your life by the dark matter of your philosophy. Let you darkness reflect your inner light.