Sunday, January 18, 2015


Down near the core of the Earth is where dark matter resides in its most finite state. In this entry to the universe God takes the blessed on a journey. The centre of the Earth has been written about, imaged through painting and talked about so frequently by human beings, obviously, this place stirs the very core of our being. Some Christians believe the centre of the Earth is the entrance to Heaven and for others, Hell's Gate. Demons and creatures from Hell appear to be imagined with such wild fantasy that you wonder what resides in the heart of mankind. The Earth would represent the heart of man with God at its centre and the emotional turmoil of love at its core, so, what does love do to us? God does not want us breeding demons let alone imaging them but all those nasty deadly Sins has God show people Hell's Gate. Love should be a blessing. Dark matter is the core of our heart.