Saturday, January 10, 2015


If we reflect the love of God, then we reflect dark matter. Dark matter is the spirit fire. Dark matter is ashes and dark matter is the soul. The spirit fire is ashes. Ash for the heart is the spirit fire of dark matter. Look for the spirit fire in dark matter where the dark matter of the world equals the world. Spirit fire and dark matter are one. The world is at one with nature when we find the spirit fire. Ashes. Dark matter is the Earth when it is spirit fire. The heart is spirit fire when it is Earth and we are spirit fire when we are in love. Dark matter is love. Spirits have fire. Fire is the element of the soul. Ashes are the matter of dark matter. The universe gave the Earth a fiery spirit and then Creation was born of the spirit. Our spirit acquires dark matter, so, we can communicate with the stars. There, the stars communicate with ashes or the glow in your heart. Love.