Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Dark matter is starlight and how could this be? Dark matter does not reflect light but the light of God contains dark matter. Why is there starlight in dark matter? Dark matter does contain starlight, however, dark matter denies light to be reflected. This organic matter is the matter of God and intelligence. So, how does the intelligence of dark matter correspond to something intelligible to a human understanding? The answer would be through dark matter. With this in view, how are we then reduced to ashes? Apart from the idea burning a hole through our hearts and our minds, this strange organic matter does contain God with the light we need to know. Starlight then requires our knowing and love requires us to learn. So, what is God's message here? Love thy neighbour, be they friend but why would we want to do this, to like oneself? It is easier to love people than hate them, love takes less effort and hate takes work. God needs us to love people to keep the human race going. So, what is the opposite of dark matter? White heat.