Friday, January 9, 2015


When the ash is on the ground communicate with God via the fire and this will take you to the dark matter of the stars above. Stars accumulate stardust, too. The light of the Lord is reflected from dark matter and does accumulate stardust, too, like the stars above. The stars in your heart transpire love and this is communicated to other hearts with stars and God draws a halo. The message on the ground is for a Divine reflection of the sky above, so, we see the stars in our hearts light up with the communication of love. Most cannot cope with the Divine reflection in the mirror of another universe of stars, another human being to love or the Divine reflection of the universe we refract. How long is the longest day of your life, as long as the longest day of the Earth's history or the time it takes to understand true love has been reflected? As long as it takes.