Monday, January 19, 2015


When dark matter appears to be a black hole in the core of our being, we feel all the emotional turmoil of the heart sucked through our hearts to be disposed somewhere out Hell's Gate as with true Evil. Emotions in the heart need to be turned into love and cleansed of the negative turmoil. When people take you through Hell, their hate, misunderstanding and Evil need to be taken to the black holes that frequent outer space and when you take yourself there God needs to redeem your Sin. Dark matter should be the fertile matter to take the core of our hearts to love, not hate. So, when you have risen from the ashes, God needs to take you unto his love and hold you there until all Evil blows past you like a raging storm. Let the fertile dark matter take you to life and the negative Evil of people's hearts disintegrate, back into the earth. Ashes take you to love. God bless the stars.