Tuesday, January 6, 2015


When the spirit is dark matter it is ashes, the ashes on the ground are spirit and fly unto God. This communication of ashes is spirit and the dark matter of the soul. When spirits communicate they are alive and if they are dead and have to get in touch with you there is a living matter that you are not understanding as dead spirits do not usually have to get in touch with the living. Before Christianity there was a notion of an Underworld that frequented the first realm of Hell, under the ground and this is where the dead spirits gathered, frequenting a life similar to the one above the earth or when they were alive. Christianity took the blessed spirits to Heaven as they were not supposed to frequent Hell. The dark matter of the soul is only relevant above the Earth and spirits need to frequent this, spirits are better above the Earth walking amongst the living. Living spirits do communicate with one another through dark matter. Spiritual people communicate spiritually through the soul and through the light of God, your heart. Love is the communication of the soul.