Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Not only do fossils tell us about the species that have occurred during a certain time of the Earth's history, they are like a road map telling you everything about what has happened on Earth until that given point of time and every simple occurrence since. Fossils give an indication of the universe and its development. Species only occur due to certain planetary reasons. The development of species comes from various changes due to the activities of the universe, they are no accident but do have room to maneuver. Species are made to be adaptable. All of the Earth's activities are governed by the universe; for this we read this activity not only in the earth surrounding fossils but by how and why the fossils are fossilized. The Earth does follow a plan set out by the universe with a timeline. Species tell us organically about ourselves. Some species appear familiar to us like those of our past history. Rocks containing fossils preserve different species for they are often discovered by the aging and cooling process splitting the rock in a place with a contained variation like a fossil as the minerals in the rock would age differently causing a chemical reaction around the fossil. Organic matter would want to take itself back to earth.