Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Is dark matter alive? Is substance alive? You would be thinking if time, the time of God, infinity and the infinity of infinite space ever caught up with us we would equal dark matter. Dark matter is not essentially always alive in the infinite space of the void and then equals the substance of matter, particles, simple atoms and so forth. Dark matter is a form of intelligence, this is known to man and then God takes us to nature to walk hand in hand with the Lord above. We are then informed by the stars about harmony and the harmony of nature equalling God with this taking you back to life. The unconscious infinity of God is what takes you there, to dark matter and the rhythms of life take you further through love. With the harmony and the rhythms of nature equalling God, we dance for him to show our concern as to where dark matter turns to ashes. The place on the ground is alive, is dark matter, the spot for us to find our communication, our pathway, our rhythm and the harmony of nature. Patterns are noticed and with the infinite variations of possibility we are found in dark matter. Our pattern is set for an individual achievement.