Tuesday, January 20, 2015


If we think about what fossilizes easily, then we think of dark matter and a place where the top earth level is quite old with mineral rich earth. You would then be taking your mind around old natural history museums and what is on display. We do not usually have humans as fossilized specimens, only animals older than human beings. For example, dinosaurs, moas and woolly mammoths are quite well preserved in full skeleton fossil specimens. To find out how old a species would be, you just have to observe the current animals compared to anything you may observe about extinct species and nominate the difference compared to how long the human race took to evolve from caveman days. Earth specimens from around any site where extinct species were found could inform you further about the age of a species of animals. Carbon dating is unreliable without a geologist to nominate the age. The dark earth surrounding a skeleton of any nominated species would be where the evolutionary changes occur and changes in the atom structure. Surrounding rocks would be the main key. Quite often unearthed fossils appear like rocks in the ground. Fossils will tell us why we are here.