Friday, January 30, 2015


The third harmony is the key of D. D Sharp Major takes you into the key of D Minor and the reverse. G Major takes you to the same place and then we consult God about G Minor for the key of G equals God. So, why does God have a harmony of three? A harmony of one equals God in Heaven and that is why we can tolerate the demonic third in G Minor. Heaven is for when we die, mainly, however, God gives us glimpses on Earth, so, we follow that pathway and music is one such glimpse, music takes you to Heaven. The key of D Sharp Major is the Jesus element of Heaven, G Major is the Holy Ghost and G Minor is God in Heaven. Music is Heaven in our hearts and that is why we appreciated music as it goes right down to the core. Play D Sharp Minor for me, so, I can hear your song in my heart, the heart of D.