Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We are given a consciousness to take our unconscious through from sleep to our waking life, we reflect everything internally during our waking life and this unconscious life is resolved in sleep. Primal energy is the base metal of our soul and God gives this to us to make human beings the top of the animal kingdom. There is no difference in our animal self to animals themselves and we react in a primal way to all the factors of life that require primal energy. For example, caveman did not live in a house but out there in the land with the animals, so, man had to adapt to protect himself from being eaten by encroaching animals. This animal energy is instinctual, so, the strongest humans survive. As humans, we have two choices, to fight to the death or run for our lives when danger approaches and threatens to kill you. Like animals with a sixth sense about an incoming storm, most humans behave strangely, too and become irritable for little reason. Our primal responses to Gods Divine nature with primal energy are there for good reason, so, we react appropriately to an incoming storm and do something rational. Driving to the supermarket to buy food should satiate the same animal need as killing a wild animal for dinner. The primal animal self is not something you educate out of children, human beings were not born to be naturally destructive only naturally primal.