Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So, Hell via bright light is something like if we were to visually display a meteorite in Sunlight, it would be more severe than outdoor sports stadium lights viewed one metre away, they would cause severe retinal damage and temporary blindness at close range. This draws the point to the speed of God's information being conceptualized, similar to the speed of light being realized both take the brain too close to Hell. Hence, why some people experience panic and other people take the problem on board but it is still a problem to be resolved. God has to gently illuminate the brain, so, you do not take his information to Hell but this is where the Divine reflection takes you to Heaven, walk along your pathway. The speed of light is nothing we are ever going to conceptualize as it would take you to Hell, knowing. Neither is the Sun anything the human race is ever going to realize, as you would have to conceptualize the speed of light. God's knowledge of nature educates our brain enough to understand his Divine message but some things we need not know. With this gentle knowing in view, God and his message should be as nice as a walk through the society gardens on a nice sunny day, not Hell. However, the reflection of Hell has too much light. God's Divine understanding of light illuminates you gently like a soft breeze on a Summer's day.