Friday, December 19, 2014


Dark matter is also the source of all life and why God cannot have Evil people anywhere near his Divine substance, so, that is why Evil people appear to be black dirt rather than dark matter. So, dark matter is not intended to be Evil, Satan reduces Evil people to dirt and the black dirt of earth that should be reserved for vegetables. The trouble with human beings is they appear to do this to themselves. An infinite awareness of God seems to have some people stumbling around in the dark. When you take God's information to Hell, you are usually being too dark with his knowledge. Dark matter is where all the trouble seems to start, God gave us our garden and love in our hearts to be taken somewhere sacred but people seem to take love to the wrong place where it gets turned into black dust. Warm ashes of the heart are not the same as turning your heart to ash by destroying the flame in the heart, only where you see the stardust of warm kindling of the flame with the love of God. Dark matter is God.