Saturday, December 6, 2014


If Heaven were on the ground, what would that be like, Heaven on Earth? The ground can be Heaven but the Earth's surface is Hell under foot and that is why we are stuck to it with the gravitational pull. Infinite gravity would not suit us or God and neither would infinite space. So, with this finite understanding of the Earth's surface, how can Hell be Heaven? Dark matter gets you near and so does the Christian notion of Hell going through the Earth to the Earth's central core, God's exit. With infinite space travelling all around us to make us stand upright, God would have the Christian blessed to experience Heaven from your feet's surface to the tip of the head but the Earth can be the Heaven's surface with the starlight on the ground. Hell is the Earth's surface and for Christians all there need be is the roots of the trees travelling through God's Heaven to the blessed. Hell's surface equals Heaven for starlight and God as with Divination the Earth reflects the sky. The infinite variations of possibility for God equals one.