Wednesday, December 17, 2014


With the infinite matter at our heart or God, what do we become at death? Infinite matter? To realize spirit and the communication with Heaven takes the process of our hearts infinite matter or the God part to true light. This illumination of spirit is a true transformation of dark matter to infinite matter and the true nature of God. Our spirit ascends at death to God and some experience Heaven on Earth before death, but the celebration of the spirit at death takes you to God's Divine home. A celebration of ascension often occurs before death to communicate the souls passage through stardust to God via the human spirit and this celebration takes the form of ashes on the ground. We look at God for true inspiration for our passage on Earth and may his true light find us. The communication of the spirit is one with God via human beings, a true communication of the spirit and we only communicate with the infinite matter of those people who have spirits with God's true light. Our spirits true light is our true worth and why we experience infinite matter.