Friday, December 5, 2014


If we had Heaven in our hand, what would it equal, stardust to throw up to God? Love in your hand is the infinity of God, so, what is love in the hand? Infinity. The infinity of God is love, so, what is love? God. So, if we have God in our hand, what does God look like? Our hand. If God is our hand, then he is our body and our feet, too. With God as our feet, we have him under foot and walk with him in our hand, hand in hand with God is hand in hand with love to take you via stardust to infinity. So, where is infinity? In your hand you will find infinity. With God in our hands and in our feet, with God in our body and in our love, will we find infinity? Just ask God. Where is infinity, in the infinite or just in your hand? So, with the infinite possibility of God equalling Heaven in our hands, just walk on by to take Heaven to your feet. The stars are to be observed at night and with God in our hands, say a prayer.