Sunday, December 7, 2014


So, why would the Earth's surface equal Hell when its Divine reflection equals Heaven? Maybe it is because we are looking for the reflection in the wrong place. Walking forwards we see God's love reflected all around us, even when we are simply thinking and looking at the ground. When the Earth flows, we are forward thinking and the philosophy of our children is taken somewhere. The future holds time. For those who take their philosophy to nature, it flows and the pathway is forbidden to strangers. We follow the path of nature through the forest and God shows you where to look. With this pathway, Heaven is more noticeable on the ground from the litter of the forest trees and when walking though manmade towns Heaven is reflected with images of the sky on view, especially after the rain has fallen, here you notice the passing clouds. And how could we Divinely reflect Hell? This is when we reflect the ground, the reflection that denies the self. We refract philosophy.