Sunday, December 21, 2014


The dark matter of God of the Earth's crust is younger than the Earth's core for logical reasons. You imagine planets accumulate substance by spinning on an axis with the magnetic attraction of the Sun. The first rock of the core of Earth is presumably an old star that gathered dust or dark matter like black earth and this substance would be fertile for life to possibly eventuate, given time. Several factors of the universe would have had to take place for life to eventuate on Earth. Earth would still be accumulating dark matter from space as it spins on the axis and circles around the Sun. There are several different variants for the accumulation of dark matter in space to take place, for example, the expiring of old stars that explode, meteorite showers, comet dust and the erosion of other planets including the Sun. The friction of other planets spinning on an axis around the Sun would also cause dark matter to stick to any planet laden with water like metal fibre is attracted to a magnet. Most of the universe is reasonably metallic in fibre and hence, why we have light. Dark matter would be mineral rich. The dark matter accumulated around the Earth's core would be the most fertile substance and we do notice the fertile substance of Earth with volcanos. This is why dark matter equals fertile life.