Monday, December 22, 2014


When we think of dark matter, we take ourselves to the ashes on the ground and consider dark earth. This fertile plain is where plant life is grown and where we see the patterns of God. Dark matter takes you to God this way with the food you eat. The spiritual life is the life of the spirit and God communicates with you and your spirit via the the star patterns in your heart. We throw starlight up to God and he loves our spirit as we stand on the dark earth to follow this spiritual pathway to a nominated earth. Our spirits communicate with other spirits where the stars take you. Dark matter is the substance of God and where we see our spirit stars. The fertile plain of earth is where God took us to the garden of our soul and in dark matter plant life formed. Spirits find their home close to the soul's purpose and God tells us where our spirit goes. Death is the love of God and dark matter is our soul. To die into the love of God is where God takes you. God is the ash of your heart to find your soul in the dark matter of the spirit. Stars are our light and they light our pathway to one another. We love God in the darkness.