Sunday, December 14, 2014


A finite understanding of ashes also takes you to the infinite awareness of God. We see the star patterns in ashes and these nominate our universe. The infinite variation of God via the star patterns takes your star to God. We comprehend our stars unconsciously with the infinite variation of God in view and this finite understanding we can also achieve consciously with the language of God. When you see the universe on the ground mapped out in front of you, God holds your hand. Patterns nominate your way and so does God. Ashes are what we have to observe to see the stars reflected. The language of star patterns in our hearts tells you your relationship with God and nominating who we are is God's Divine language with you. We can communicate with others this way, too, angel-speak for the blessed. The finite comprehension of infinity is a final resource and everything the universe needs to know about us, these patterns are reflected in our hearts like a language for God. Finite possibility is every atom unto God.