Monday, December 15, 2014


Finite knowledge of God can be a small portion of the understanding of knowledge or just the Earthly awareness of God, not past our head. Most people conceptualize finitude with meaning a limited understanding. Infinite awareness can take you further. So, how do we conceptualize finitude to equal the infinite awareness of God? Simply break the awareness down to a conscious understanding of what we observe. Fractions of the whole is a finite understanding of the infinite, for example, Heaven in the hand can equal a good meal and then we think about all the factors that made the food taste delicious and this would equal God. So, finitude is the base metal that takes us via every cell we are to the infinite awareness of God. Finite awareness of God would start with the break down of our cells, most die and then replace themselves and others simply start to deteriorate. Mostly through cell stress, we are given a certain age to die no matter how healthy we are, our age is required. We are simply a group of cells joined together through gravity and if you had to live out in space you would die sooner. You would start to crumble like an old star in infinite space or the heavens above. Therefore, finitude equals an infinite awareness.