Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Being reptiles in the dust of Earth, what is our finite cycle? Why do we struggle with the cycle of life or the life and death issue? We start off as dust and end up in the dust of Earth as dust, dust to dust. Ash to dust, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, so, what is the message, what does this mean? God has to keep the heart flame alive through the love of the person you marry and through the cycle of life we then die and return to the Earth as dust. If we were to simply die on the ground as reptiles and animals do, in twenty-four hours the process of decay would render us a mere skeleton and with a hot temperature of the Earth, the skeleton would be gently covered in dust, the dust of Earth. Smaller animals would take less time to decay being smaller. Few people find the remains of birds on the ground even though they would die as readily as other creatures and some people think they die in Heaven. The smaller little bodies of small birds would simply disintegrate more quickly and Gods decomposing insects would be able to reduce them to dust more quickly than bigger birds. You may find the skeletons of bigger birds still intact especially in fossilized rock of a certain age and buried under ground. So, in the dust of Earth we are finite for God, a particle of life that has been, dark matter.