Monday, December 8, 2014


When light refracts our understanding of Divinity we see God all around us lighting our pathway. The light reflects the sky and the Divine refraction of the Earth's surface where God has all nature also reflecting Hell. So, the reflection of the Earth's surface on your pathway has a duel effect on your heart. Light reflecting Hell is the hardest light to comprehend where Divination takes you to Heaven. The contemplation of nature takes your heart to God, where the love of God equals philosophy. Light reflecting the self is light reflecting nature and light reflecting the Divination of the self is light reflecting Hell. This Divination of the self reflects one and the infinite, so, with the Divine reflection of Hell, God takes you to true starlight. The refraction of nature with natural light equals the self. We need to draw a conclusion from God why there is a duality of Heaven and Hell and why does one reflect the other. When nature equals Hell, there is too much starlight and the Divination plus one stops your heart venturing too close to God's Divine language. If we do not experience the Divine reflection of the self, then we start thinking we are gods when we are mortal, so, God gives you a measure to measure yourself with. Duality has to equal harmony in nature and the self.