Saturday, December 13, 2014


When you find the infinity of God you have found ashes. The infinity of God is as warm as smouldering ashes in your fireplace or your heart. The warm kindling of ashes in your heart is as warm as the love of God should be. The ceremony of taking your language to God is a sacred one. The infinite space in our hearts takes God through time to find the universe of our love in our hearts. So, the infinite consciousness of God takes you to the stars. The language you need to communicate to God is infinite. When you embrace the infinite idea of God you have embraced the universe. Infinity is ashes. Stars take us to love. When we talk about the language of the infinite, we are bridging the gap and the the time it takes to find God. A conscious awareness of infinity suggests God with an infinite variation of time or the end of the world. God equals love.