Wednesday, December 10, 2014


When Heaven turns to Hell in the sky, you know the Divine reflection of the reverse of nature is predominant. Saturn would be the dominant planet in the Southern Hemisphere and the reflection of Saturn's moons from the Sun would mean there is too much of God's light in the sky for humans to observe. This Divine view from God is not to be observed by human eyes, as blindness will result with the full moon in view. The reflection of the Sun would have too much light and be too bright, so, retinal damage will result in full view. So, when the sky looks Evil seek the shade. God guarded human habitation of the planet by making some places more habitable than others. You can tell when you are welcome somewhere by the other creatures that inhabit the natural surrounds, for example, if the birds are deafening in the trees, humans should not trespass as God loves this place for the birds. If snakes, lizards and wild bears inhabit the forest then humans are not welcome there, either. Places where there are wild boars should be reserved for the truffles. When the birds of the forest are too brightly coloured avoid these places, too, as God has these birds reserved for his love of the forest not for human beings to view. Most forests are for the animals and birds that live there not for humans to frequent, the creatures do alert God via one another, you are coming, so, they can hide from you or ask you why you came to the forest that day. Do not reduce the forest to ashes.