Thursday, December 11, 2014


With the ashes on the ground, God has reduced our life to the forest. Black ashes are needed when sacred service takes you to Heaven with starlight. The black ash of forest green takes your soul to a better place. God ascends your spirit and flying upwards with the birds of love, they acknowledge you as they fly overhead. The sacred star path your journey needs to observe is governed by the night sky and your spirit follows your pathway unto God, you notice this pathway in the ashes. The dance of love is the dance of life. When your soul becomes spirit you reflect God by the star you were born under and your spirit goes to Heaven. We ascend our spirit to the stars and become starlight with a Divine reflection of the Earth. Our spirit keeps travelling until God finds the egress to ascend you to the Heaven in your heart, a place you are informed about before you die. This heavenly resting place in your heart is God's understanding of your love. Stars via the spirit of God take your spirit's ascension to Heaven, a Heaven in the knowing of love.